SATOR Srl has a long experience in the design and development of aircraft structural items, sub-assy and assy mainly made of light alloys and composite materials in carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar.

The Engineering Department, consisting of engineers and technicians with high and diversified experience, analyzes, plans and develops all stages of design through Configuration Management, preliminary and final Design with Stress analisys and Material and Process definition.

During all previous phases, the activities are carried out in accordance with the customers’ technical specifications and international standards of airworthiness, ensuring at all stages with maximum product reliability, minimal weight, reduced production costs and low maintenance levels.

During all previous phases, activities are carried out in accordance with the customers’ technical specifications and international standards of airworthiness, ensuring at all stages with maximum product reliability, minimal weight, reduced production costs and low maintenance levels.

Structural Finite Element Analysis

SATOR is able to provide response to the most complex requirements of design by means of the technique of Finite Elements, also known by the acronym FEM (Finite Element Method - mainly devoted to the study of structural phenomena aimed at the evaluation of the stiffness, the strength and the elastic stability of bodies). With the experience gained over the years, we are able to perform structural analysis on aeronautical structures and mechanisms and complete machines. We also have experience on boats, cars, consumer goods and industrial plants.

Design and Structural Optimization

SATOR is able to use the most advanced and current CAD Software (CATIA V5, ProEng, SolidWorks, to name a few) to design and perform the parametrically optimization in order to choice the best structural solutions mainly related to the materials used and to the load to which the structures are stressed.

Multi-Body Dynamics Analysis

SATOR, through the multi-body analysis, can simulate the kinematics, dynamic and structural mechanical assemblies with multiple parts in reciprocal motion between them (kinematics). With the experience gained over the years, we are able to perform multi-body analysis of complete machines and sub-groups.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD is one of the main technical ability to SATOR. With this numerical technique we can study the mechanics of fluids and, therefore, solve the Navier-Stokes equations, which express in mathematical form the mechanics of the fluid through its main variables: pressure, temperature, density, velocity, and viscosity.

Dynamics and Vibrations

In the area of Aerospace most of real structures are subject to vibrational fields. Application scenarios in which SATOR was committed are among the most extensive and range from vibrations induced by aerodynamic loads of Aeronautical Structures, vibrations from the engine and the taxiway on the aircraft structure, a complex vibrational situations such as those to which it is subject to the structure of a satellite and launcher. SATOR has all the technical knowledge for the assessment of the behavior of a mechanical system in vibration conditions can be simulated effectively starting from the calculation of the natural frequencies and mode shapes of their own, using structural dynamics simulations as FRF (Frequency Response Function), the shock and random analysis.

Composite Materials

The advanced composite materials daily found the life of SATOR design activities. Their increasingly wide application in traditional application areas (aeronautics, aerospace, military, automotive and nautical competitions) that in areas more related to mass consumption, are allowing SATOR to demonstrate the multiple benefits they offer in terms of relationship strength / weight, stiffness / weight and design freedom. SATOR is able to define both the technologies and the production processes staring from the Design stages (CAD): the same will then be adequately defined after its structural dimensioning (Structural Finite Element Analysis).

Fatigue of Materials (Durability)

SATOR has developed multiple evaluation projects and their optimization in terms of durability of the Aeronautical / Mechanical components, performed with metallic materials (steel, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys), plastic materials and composite materials, loaded to fatigue uniaxial, biaxial, multiaxial, Low cycle, a high number of cycles (HCF Fatigue). Starting from the experimental data availability, type of material, SATOR use stress-life stress approaches (S-N) or strain-life (Ɛ-N), implemented in commercial calculation code such as Nastra Patran. Specific studies have been conducted on the fatigue strength of welded joints.

Thermal Analysis and Thermo-Structural

SATOR has performed a lot of thermal calculation activities and thermo-structural analysis both in the electronics industry and aerospace sector, as well as thermo-optical. The Team can provide any solution your analysis is looking for on the thermal performance of each product (thermo-structural analysis).

Impact analysis and Crash of bodies

When a system is subjected to varying stress abruptly in time it is not possible to predict accurately the behavior using static analysis "equivalent": the transient dynamic simulation is nonlinear, the only way forward. With the experience gained over the years, SATOR is able to perform dynamic structural calculations of impact and crash, especially in the aerospace sector.

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